The Potential Side Effects Of CBD Oil

As we all know, there are two sides to every coin. The same goes for drugs, medicines and supplements. There is the good side, which are the benefits for which we buy the drugs and then there is the bad side, which are the side effects which come with using the drugs.

The normal doses of most pharmaceutical drugs rarely cause any significant side effects. In other words, the benefits are often more than the minor side effects if any. However, every individual is different. And sometimes when we use certain drugs for a long time, they tend to trigger stronger side effects that may make it impossible for us to continue using them. This is especially true for medicines meant to treat or manage chronic conditions.

In a bid to avoid the many side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs, patients suffering from chronic diseases are turning to alternative interventions such as CBD oil.

CBD oil

CBD oil

This alternative remedy has become a hit with those suffering from chronic pain, inflammation and neurologic conditions. However, the fact that cannabidiol oil is so effective in managing many conditions and that it is all-natural makes it easy to assume that it is itself without any negative effects. But that is not really that case. Taking this natural remedy exposes you to certain side effects.

In this article, we discuss the side effects users are exposed to and how they can avoid them.

So what are the side effects of using CBD oil?

Our guide entitled CBD Oil In Australia – Where To Buy And More has a ton of information all about the basic info you need to know before ordering CBD online.

Make sure you check that out if want the specifics of what should be going through your mind before purchasing these cannabis extracts.

But for those of you who are already using these cannabidiol-containing products, you can rest easy.

The known negative effects of taking the oil very rarely occur. Moreover, they are so mild compared to the severe side effects associated with taking synthetic drugs and over the counter drugs.

Multiple studies have looked into hemp oil and its side effects and concluded that in many cases the likelihood of experiencing adverse effects is nearly zero! This is true even for more than average doses. However, extremely high doses have proven to be problematic.

According to the authoritative WebMD, adults can tolerate a dose of about 300 mg every day for up to six months. Higher doses of about 1500 mg can be tolerated for up to four weeks.

However, as mentioned, different individuals may react differently to taking even normal doses of the drug. Without any further ado, here are the potential side effects of using hemp oil.

  • Dry mouth

Those who have smoked cannabis before are well aware of the fact that the substance causes a dry mouth as a side effect. The same might also happen when you use hemp oil. Why is this the case?

Because hemp and marijuana both have cannabinoids. When consumed, cannabinoids interact with cannabinoid receptors 1 and 2 which influence the production of saliva. The interaction normally results in the inhibition of saliva production. Thus one can end up with a dry mouth.

This happens to few but not all people who use hemp oil. And you don’t really have to worry about dry mouth as it just means that you are thirsty. Drinking water or any other beverage could reverse the situation. You could also wait it out for an hour or so and your salivary glands will resume normal service on their own.

  • Light-headedness

Even though uncommon, light-headedness is also a potential side effect of using cannabidiol oil. This side effect is often experienced by those taking high doses of substance. For example, if you take more than 1500 mg of CBD per day for more than four weeks, you are at risk of experiencing this side effect.

High doses usually trigger a drop in blood pressure hence the light-headedness.

If this happens you do not need to freak out. This side effect often disappears within a couple of minutes.  You should just find somewhere to sit or lie down. A cup of coffee can also return your blood pressure to normal.

  • Negative interaction with medications

First of all, you should never take CBD oil before consulting a medical professional. The information you could get could be life-saving. How? Well, the product is known to interact with the work of certain drug transporters. Hence, taking the hemp oil plus some drugs may result in the negation of the therapeutic effects of certain drugs. This may exacerbate the condition(s) for which you were taking those drugs in the first place.

The only way to prevent this is to talk to a doctor first before taking cannabidiol oil, gummies or any other related product.

  • Diarrhoea

Taking CBD can cause diarrhea. This is especially common among those taking high doses or with some sort of intolerance to the substance.

The best way to combat this is to reduce the dosage significantly. If that doesn’t help then perhaps you should consider another alternative remedy as you may be intolerant.

  • Increased muscle tremor in those suffering from Parkinson’s disease

Taken at high doses, hemp oil may cause an increase in muscle tremors among patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Hence it is better for those suffering from the disease to always consult a doctor before starting to take this dietary supplement.

  • Drowsiness

You may feel sleepy and drowsy if you take high doses of CBD. Thus, you should not drive or operate heavy machinery immediately after taking a heavy dose of the stuff.


Drowsy driving

  • It may create dependence

Some people say that if you use cannabis oil frequently, you may get addicted to it. This is especially concerning considering the fact that some people use it to treat opioid addiction. Imagine getting off opioid drugs only to get addicted to something else? Sounds bad, right?

However, the evidence for dependence is really anecdotal and is not corroborated by scientific studies. Nonetheless, you should always use low doses of the alternative medicine because such doses are less likely to cause the dependence.


If you want to reduce your chances of experiencing very undesirable side effects, you can read all about where to get a super high-quality CBD oil product at our home page(this will mitigate and lessen any side effects for most people, although it will not completely eliminate them necessarily).

As mentioned before, most of these adverse effects are caused by taking high doses of CBD oil. Hence you should not take high doses. Moreover, the side effects are really rare and only occur among a few individuals. Simply put, you have nothing much to fear about when taking CBD.

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