New Announcement! Official Blog Launch

Here on the (also known as C.O.A. or COA) blog we are going to be releasing a bunch of new content over the coming days.

In the past, we have only put out various basic articles on hemp, cannabis, and the booming Cannabidiol industry.

But now we are kicking things up a notch by launching this actual BLOG which will give tons of value and information to those in the cannabis oil community.

cannabis oil in jug

The blog format allows us put out content regularly in a more informal style and notify our followers of various announcements and things as they come up.

Follow along in order to see our comprehensive CBD-related pieces that are coming.

Some of the topics we will be covering include:

• Medical Marijuana – The Pros And Cons
• Common Uses Of Hemp
• Hemp Oil vs. Cannabis Oil – Basic Differences
• The Endocannabinoid System Explained
• All About Using CBD Oil For Pets
• And more!

Stay tuned in order to see all of the great tips and information we unveil.

We have had people asking for a blog format for a while now which is why we are so absolutely ecstatic that it is finally here.

Another issue we will be covering is the difference between THC and CBD.

cannabis liquid dripping out of bottle

This may sound silly, but for those who are less informed about cannabis in general, the differences are not so obvious because they have never used either substance.

Anyways, all of these topics and more are going to be laid out in extreme detail in our posts- so be sure not to miss!

-The Team (COA)

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