Modafinil Tolerance – 6 Tips To Avoid It

Modafinil tolerance develops in time. Just as with coffee, its benefits start to wear off after it is taken on a long-term basis. Have you noted that you take the same amount of Modafinil yet its results diminish? This is the first indication of Modafinil tolerance.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t use Modafinil anymore. There are a few steps to be taken to make the nootropic efficient again. But first, let’s see who can face Modafinil tolerance.

What Research Says About Modafinil Tolerance?

Surprisingly, research shows Modafinil tolerance is rare to non-existent. Unlike other similar stimulants, the drug is less likely to show any diminishing effects in time.

But in the real world, these effects are a bit more nuanced. Many take Modafinil in varying does which increases in time. This is where things are very different from studies where participants take exact Modafinil doses over a given period of time. Under very specific daily use, most show no signs of tolerance.
modafinil tolerance
A study looked at 191 patients and how they reacted to the drug over a long period. These unipolar and bipolar depression sufferers had no signs of tolerance after 2 months on the drug.

However, this study makes a difference in the history of these individuals. Those with a history of abuse were given 290mg of Modafinil per day. Those with no such history of abuse were given 258mg of Modafinil per day. The results were similar.

Based on this study, we can conclude that Modafinil tolerance, when it rarely happens, it is mainly in the case of a history of abuse. This is why those who are taking it according to its prescription rarely see any signs of tolerance.

But what about long-term use? Is it possible to develop Modafinil tolerance over long periods? A 40-week study answers this question. This study aimed to look at how the drug affects daytime sleepiness. Most subjects showed a significant decrease in daytime sleepiness with no tolerance signs even after week 40. This was based on varying Modafinil doses of 200, 300, and 400mg per day. No evidence of tolerance was found in any of the study’s participants.

Another study looking at the drug’s use for fatigue reduction notes subjects develop Modafinil tolerance after the first week. This was based on an initial dose of 100mg per day. Researchers increased the dose up to 400mg per day to combat drug tolerance. Subjects then showed no visible signs of tolerance up to day 35 of the research.

Types of Modafinil Tolerance

7 types of tolerance can be distinguished in the pharmaceutical world. They have a considerable impact on the following steps on how to combat Modafinil tolerance.

  • Acute tolerance

Acute tolerance cuts off the receptors in the brain for certain substances. Both the brain and the nervous system limit the impact or the effectiveness of a given substance. Tolerance might be increased in the long-term or even during the day.

  • Behavioral

Behavioral tolerance is what allows drunk people to appear sober at times. Before the boss or before the wife, the drunk person can act as if the brain is not affected by alcohol for a given period. The brain uses areas that are not affected by alcohol to mitigate this issue and to instate behavioral tolerance.

  • Dispositional

Dispositional tolerance is very applicable to Modafinil use. Since various drugs and stimulants cut off receptors in the brain, this central control area of the body has no option but to use other areas to quickly get rid of the substance. In this case, it is the liver that and the blood system which begin circulating quickly in order to get rid of the substance quickly. This is why there’s a feeling as if Modafinil is not working and why many end up increasing their daily dose.

  • Inverse

The inverse tolerance is opposed to dispositional. The body emphasizes the effects of a drug-making the chemical’s reaction looks more pronounced. This type of tolerance enabled more pronounced withdrawal effects, but they are not seen in Modafinil patients.

  • Pharmacodynamic

This process refers to the nerve transmitters in the brain which adjust to become desensitized to various drugs and chemicals. The process spreads out these nerve transmitter connections so that the effect of the drug is reduced.

  • Reverse

Reverse tolerance refers to the body’s inability to properly handle drugs as a result of its breakdown. For example, heavy drinkers whose livers have failed to have higher alcohol concentration in the blood, where it also stays longer. This results in heightened alcohol sensitivity.

  • Select

As its name suggests, this type of tolerance refers to the brain’s ability to select which effects of a certain drug are mitigated and which are not. Even if some users take Modafinil and see benefits, others may not be based on these types of tolerance. The danger here is that Modafinil users ten to increase their dose in this case, without knowing their brain is going through a Select tolerance process.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Avoid Modafinil Tolerance

While Modafinil tolerance rarely happens when under medical supervision, it can be a real issue for some users. But even under medical supervision, the substance may still show limited signs of effectiveness in time.

  1. Avoid Facing Modafinil Tolerance

The best approach is simply trying to avoid developing tolerance in the first place. This involves having a plan. For example, students don’t need to learn through the day and through the night for the entire academic year. Students can only take Modafinil a few months per year before their exams when they study the most.

  1. Don’t Take Modafinil Every Day

Using Modafinil or any other supplement or drug every day is surely going to limit its effectiveness. Even if the doses increase, the body might still respond with a protective mechanism that doesn’t allow users to see all the benefits of the drug.

modafinil tablet
It is not a good idea to take Modafinil every day if not treating a disorder such as depression. Since the drug can be present in the blood even 24 hours after it was taken orally, simply using Modafinil every day proves inefficient. The benefit of this method is that it also saves money to those who are relying on it as an aid in focus or to reduce tiredness.

Taking Modafinil on consecutive days has been the case in most studies in the drug. However, there’s limited research on the efficiency of the drug past the 1-year mark. It is why many users should try and mitigate the possible issue by avoiding tolerance problems simply by not taking the pills every day.

  1. Only Use When Needed

Using Modafinil every day may not even be the smartest approach for long-term benefits. Some users take the drug every day in the hope of getting ahead. But this is certainly not the case for the rest of the users.

As seen in research, even 3 days of 400mg of Modafinil per day come with considerable memory improvements. As a result, more is not always better. This is why a sound approach would involve only taking the drug a few times per week. Limiting the dose to 200mg per day for 1-2 times per week might be a good approach. If you are coming from a tolerance period, you can take a complete break from the drug and then come back to this 1-2 times per week Modafinil use to avoid tolerance.

  1. Take Modafinil In Cycles

Cycling Modafinil is another method of avoiding tolerance. This approach is common in the supplements world. Simply put, the approach allows people to go on a break from the drug completely. After a few months of Modafinil, users need to take a break for a few weeks.

Alternatively, the break may also increase to a few months. During this period, the body naturally resets tolerance to normal levels.

eliminate your tolerance to modafinil

Many people in Australia who have a Modafinil prescription, such as the ones covered on, have reported that this practice worked well for them.

Taking a break from the drug completely also comes with positive evaluations of its benefits and merits. This means you can simply know what the drug does for you when you stop taking it. In case you begin to feel tired again and you lose focus, you know exactly where you stand when taking the drug.

  1. Limit The Use Of Other Stimulants

In some cases, you might be tempted to try Modafinil together with other substances. But this is not the smartest option. For many users, combining it with other nootropics is a proven path of developing higher tolerances.

On the other hand, this can be turned to your advantage. In the periods when you take a break from Modafinil, you can simply rely on another stimulant, even if not as efficient. Those who only use Modafinil a few months per year might consider this as a good alternative. This study shows Modafinil to be very efficient in reducing depression symptoms when takin with other antidepressants. It’s always worth considering other supplements for similar benefits.

  1. Prioritize Minerals’ Intake

Magnesium reduces drug abuse and additional risks. Magnesium reduces drug dependence as shown by various research. This is why supplementing with magnesium and other minerals can be a method of mitigating Modafinil tolerance.

For many users, magnesium is mainly recommended to be used as a supplement during off periods. You would only take magnesium to bring the body back to tolerance levels. This study also shows some stimulants such as caffeine might be responsible for magnesium elimination from the body.

how tolerance works

Final Verdict

Modafinil tolerance is a real issue, especially when taken in larger and larger doses. In many cases, the tolerance to Modafinil is not solved by taking higher doses, which is a race to the bottom in all cases. But those who only take Modafinil on a voluntary basis have other tools at their hands.

The main approach with Modafinil is to avoid tolerance in the first place. It is where most people start seeing the best results as opposed to mitigating the effects of installed tolerance. As seen from the types of pharmaceutical tolerances above, it is often that the brain chooses to fight off the Modafinil and eliminate it from the body faster. This type of tolerance is natural and it represents a basic body functioning system that may still not be completely understood.

If this happens, the best solution is to simply go off the drug for a period of a few weeks. This is when the body balances its sensitivity and the neuro-receptors go back to their normal state when even a few days on Modafinil show impressive benefits.


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