Modafinil Effects: What to Expect When You Use It

Modafinil is used to enhanced wakefulness, cognition and to improve focus. Officially developed for narcolepsy, the drug is now being used by those who want to improve learning abilities or working abilities while staying awake longer.

Modafinil is sold under various names. Provigil, Modealert, Modvigil, or Vigimax are just a few of its names. Since it can be produced by any pharmaceutical company, it is sold under different brands. But its pharmacological benefits remain the same regardless of the brand. This FDA-approved drug is increasing in popularity under all of its names.

Here’s Who Takes Modafinil

This substance is becoming popular in a variety of different countries right now.

For example, there has been a huge surge in people buying Modafinil in Australia.

The United States did use Modafinil in army research to keep soldiers awake longer. Today, the drug is used to stay away longer for other studying or professional reasons. Modafinil acts on dopamine, but it is not a drug that offers similar effect to hallucinogens, no matter how much you take.
Since it switches the mood from tired to alert, it may be used by anyone looking to accomplish simple or complex tasks efficiently. This includes.

  • Improving work-related performance
  • Bettering decision-making skills
  • Improving planning skills
  • Heightening mental clarity while studying

These groups of categories can suffer from heightened sleepiness, reduced motivation, and reduced alertness. This is where Modafinil comes into the equation.

Modafinil Makes Learning New Informaiton Easier

Research shows the drug improves executive function of the brain. This part of the brain is responsible with making sense of new information. Planning actions based on this information also becomes easier as a result. This is why those who need better decision-making skills are often using Modafinil to stay ahead.

But the drug is also responsible for extra motivation. It is very hard to find motivation with very large projects. Students preparing for exams or dissertations know this too well. Online forums show most students find new motivation when on the drug. Their interest in things which did not seem interesting before spikes.

Modafinil Keeps Sleep Away

With large projects, sleep can be a luxury not many afford. Working through the night as a continuous process is something many students do. Some professionals exclusively work during the night. This applies to nurses, firefighters, and other support teams.

Keeping the feeling of sleepiness away is complicated with coffee. Too much coffee causes jitters and a few cups are needed through the night. Modafinil is a brain stimulant which enhanced the awake feel people normally only have during the day. The sun’s position has a lot to do with it. But unlike coffee, Modafinil lasts longer. A single dose of the drug can keep sleepiness away for 6 to 24 hours.

How Modafinil Feels

Modafinil can feel different from one person to another. However, it might simply be easier to look at why this is and to know how to describe these feelings. You can compare your own Modafinil experiences to others by considering the following.

  • Maintains Focus Instead Of Getting Sleepy

Nearly all Modafinil users say they don’t feel sleepy when they should. This means that during the evening and even during the night, they maintain the typical day-time alertness. The day-night natural body’s clock is kept at an arm’s distance away. In fact, studies show the sleep-wake cycle is overwritten for a long period until the drug’s effect wears off.

  • Very Focused On A Single task

Since the alertness which comes with the drug is something most experience, there’s a feel that each task has to be accomplished. A number of people have described this feeling as to being very focused on a single task. It may even be synonym with having the ability to eliminate distractions. This is where the drug might prove similar to Ritalin, but its mechanisms and full effects are somewhat different.

  • Goal-Orientated Effects

The extra motivation which results from taking Modafinil is also described as perfect to reach certain goals. This is where students know its benefits the most.

If there are a few chapters to read within a day, students set the goal and take a small dose of Modafinil before beginning to work. It normally takes 1 hour for the first benefits to be visible. But even after a few hours, the benefits of Modafinil tablets might still be heightened until it reaches it peak.

  • Talkative Feels

Other rare sensations are also noted by Modafinil users. Reading most of them is inevitably going to find a few which repeat here and there. This is certainly the case of talkative feels. Many report they become increasingly chatty after taking the drug. However, they don’t report any feelings of highness, as many would assume.

Known Modafinil Side Effects

Modafinil has been made to be efficient with minimum side effects. However, they do exist since the drug impacts the dopaminergic system. Even if they are rare or of they appear with high doses, here’s what they look like in a mild form.

  • Hyperactivity

As noted above by those who feel chatty, the next step is to be hyperactive. This is one of the side effects that can’t be balanced as it happens. Modafinil users simply need to let it get out the blood system naturally.

  • Anxiety

Anxiety feelings might already be present in those taking Modafinil. They’re often associated with depression. In these situations, the drug can enhance the feelings of anxiety even further.

  • Jitteriness

Feeling jittery is something many users have dealt with while taking Modafinil. If you want to avoid this small side effect, you will need to reduce the dose until you find a level which offers results without the jitteriness.

Does Modafinil Get You High?

Modafinil does not make you high. On the contrary, Modafinil has been successfully used to treat cocaine addiction.

There are no high feelings with Modafinil. But the extra motivation it gives might be wrongfully interpreted by being high. Working through the night and enjoying better cognitive function might seem like a Modafinil user is high.

Modafinil only impacts dopamine. It is in the brain that oxytocin is released when we do something right. It is the dopamine level which rewards us naturally. It is believed this natural process is in place so that humans can form correct habits on the base they make us feel good.

Modafinil vs. Other Brain Stimulants

A few other brain stimulants include caffeine, Adderall and Ritalin. When compared side by side, Modafinil proves better. Even if coffee or Ritalin offer similar effects, they are not as long-lasting as Modafinil. Let’s see how each performs in comparison.

Is Modafinil Better Than Coffee?

The number one brain stimulant today is coffee. It is a drug on its own. This is why many people say they can’t start their day without a cup of coffee. However, coffee only becomes detrimental to health when consumed in excess of 4 cups per day.

Even in the best case scenarios, coffee benefits last 4-5 hours immediately followed by a crash feeling. Drivers know this feeling very well. But Modafinil lasts 10-15 hours on average and even more 20 hours in large doses. It is also free from a crash feeling. It would take multiple cups of coffee to achieve this long-term effect. Up to 600mg of coffee are needed to pull an all-nighter.
modafinil effects

Should I Buy Modafinil, Adderall or Ritalin?

Modafinil, Adderall and Ritalin have stimulant effects. However, they act on different basis. From here, their risks, particularly on addiction are  completely different.

In theory, Modafinil is not a classic stimulant. If you can take Modafinil without worrying when you stop its treatment, not the same can be said about Adderall. It’s been proven Adderall is more likely to cause addiction. It even shows withdrawal symptoms when people stop taking it. Other side effects are similar on these two drugs and they include possible heart issues.

The same applies when comparing Modafinil to Ritalin. It has been proven that Modafinil only has benign side effects in comparison to Ritalin. As a result, Modafinil is superior, especially with potential side effects.

How Adderall Works

Adderall has been shown to offer modest improvements in cognition. It also works for inhibitory control. This is made by activating dopamine receptors D1 and androreceptor A2 of the prefrontal cortex.

How Ritalin Works

Methylphenidate has been one of the most popular ADHD drugs for decades. Used in performance enhancement, it acts similarly to Adderall. However, is also has side effects in large doses which may impact memory and cognition negatively.

What People Say About Modafinil Effects?

Most people taking Modafinil report similar feelings and benefits. Reducing fatigue is one of the areas where Modafinil is slightly better than expected. Those who can’t afford to sleep as much find it particularly interesting. A person quoting having to take care of children finds the tablets beneficial in staying up longer.

Improved focus is also a feeling which is visible from the first Modafinil pill. It is where most users start to handle regular tasks better.  But another less discussed benefit also comes with better social interractions.

The general feel on the drug is that those who take it also feel happier. Many report having an enhanced mood. But this might also be caused by their ability to take tasks through and follow up on work on study assignments.

These feelings normally last between 5-6 hours on low doses of Modafinil. Most users don’t recommend mixing it with other drugs.

A special note on ADD and depression sufferers also needs to be made. This groups of users also see improved Modafinil effects. For example, a person suffering from ADD recalls taking Modafinil before going to bed and sleeping for 6 hours. Early in the morning, attention would not be altered for a couple of hours. However, in sever ADD cases, it is best to discuss the issues with a doctor. Both ADD sufferers and depression sufferers can get Modafinil prescribed and purchase it over the counter.

How Can I Start Taking Modafinil?

The average Modafinil dose adults take is 200mg. This can be taken once per day. But it can also be taken twice per day at 100mg doses. This method has the user taking the drug early in the morning and at some point midday.

Elderly can also take Modafinil. If they don’t have any liver or kidney issues, they normally take 100mg of Modafinil per day. This means those over the age of 65 can still take Modafinil, but in smaller doses.

Those with pre-existing conditions such as liver problems can still take up to 100mg of Modafinil per day. However, this needs to be confirmed by a doctor. At the same time, there are other sources indicating higher doses of Modafinil are also allowed. Most Modafinil variations note that the highest daily dose should not exceed 400mg.


200mg of Modafinil shows the best effects according to most studies. It sustains wakefulness in most individuals. If you’re trying to benefit from wakefulness yourself, you need to expect heightened cognition.

You may also see other benefits such as having extra motivation. Judging by user feedback alone, side effects are rare and normally limited to headaches. Most users agree that this effect can be balanced by drinking more water. Another possible side effect that is often discussed by its users is a loss of appetite. There’s little you can do here apart from lowering the Modafinil dose.
increased alertness
Other side effects are rare on the drug. Since it doesn’t have any addition linked to it, the drug may also be safe for more people than other similar products as Adderall. The only area left without answers it long-term Modafinil use.

In the case of using the drug for months and years, you need to evaluate its positive against its possible drawbacks. In narcolepsy, the main medical condition Modafinil treats, long-term use did not worsen the condition.  After 10 years, there are no visible side effects. However, those on such treatments benefit from constant medical supervision.

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