Modafinil’s Duration (+ How To Make It Last Longer)

If you’re new to Modafinil, you need to know it lasts at least 16 hours. This period can increase. Its daily dosage, as well as individual factors, can prolong its effect considerably.

With a typical 200mg daily dose, the effect is not likely to be longer than 18-20 hours. Higher dosages might lead to an effect that lasts up to 24 hours.

How Much Does Modafinil Last?

Higher doses are only used by those who’re already familiar with stimulants and other nootropics. However, Modafinil is available under various forms which include Armodafinil and Adrafinil.

  • 16 hours effect

It takes around 13 hours for the digestive system to breakdown the drug. Its effect can last up to 16 hours with a typical 200mg daily dose.

However, those who simply want to get rid of tiredness can go for lower dosages. 50mg of Modafinil often equals to half a tablet. This dose only lasts about 13 hours on average.

  • 18 hours effect

Armodafinil is a stronger alternative. 100 to 150mg of the drug equates to 200mg of Modafinil. This effect lasts at lasts anywhere between 16 and 18 hours.

  • 22+ hours effect

Adrafinil in doses of up to 1000mg lasts between 22 and 24 hours. It is the strongest option for those who want to improve cognition and who also need to stay awake longer.

Modafinil Half-Life – Understanding The Breakdown Process Step-By-Step

In chemistry, the term ‘half-life’ refers to the time it takes for the body to breakdown the ingested Modafilin. This is around 8 hours for the average individual. The effect of the drug is often confused with its half-life. But at 18 hours, its effect includes breakdown, peak and offset. For the average individual, this entire process only lasts about 15 hours when adhering to smaller dosages. There are a few benefits to this 15-hour period as follows.

  1. Improved Cognition For An 8-Hour Workday

Having such a long-lasting drug in the body means users can enjoy improved alertness for the entire duration of the day. It gives users an edge when it comes to focusing on work or studies. If you’re considering Modafinil yourself, you might be a student, an employee or business owner looking for that competitive edge.

  1. Staying Awake Through The Night

Modafinil doesn’t wear off during the night. This is the main reason students use the drug. Since students go to classes every day, studying time is limited during the night. The drug keeps its users awake during the night. Those studying for exams might consider it as an alternative to coffee and other stimulants.

  1. Taking Modafinil Every Second Day

A single dose of Modafinil is enough to last for a day and night. This is why there’s no need to re-dose during the day. Since its effects last up to 24 hours with high doses, it can be taken again every second day.

  1. Smooth Offset

Unlike most stimulants, Modafinil comes with no crash feeling associated with other stimulants. As a result, it has one of the best profiles for those who don’t want to feel drained of energy when it finally wears off.
length of time of modafinil effects

2 Major Modafinil Long-Term Use Drawbacks

Using a drug that lasts so long has its drawbacks as well. This is mainly tied to sleeping patterns. Losing a night of sleep once in a while is fine, but long-term sleep deprivation is the issue.

  1. Inability To Sleep During The Night

Since its effects last through the night, some might find it difficult to fall asleep until worn off. Smaller dosages might be the best option to ensure that sleep intervals are respected during the night.

  1. Changed Sleeping Schedules

Completely changing sleeping habits is also possible while on Modafinil. In the recovery stages, individuals might steel have trouble respecting the natural clock of the body with sleep impairment.

The Best Time To Take Modafinil

It is often advised to take Modafinil once per day, in the morning. This is certainly the case for those who fight afternoon sleepiness symptoms. It is this group of people who need to take Modafinil in the morning. By the afternoon, it already reaches its half-life and its presence in a higher concentration in the blood.

Studies show that some patients respond better at split dosing. This means a part of Modafinil is taken in the morning and the second part is taken in the afternoon. Abiding by the 400mg maximum dose seen in studies, this means you can take 200mg in the AM and 200mg post 2 PM in case a single dose in the morning has limited effects.

  • Taking Modafinil On An Empty Stomach

Some people prefer to take Modafinil tablets on an empty stomach. Presumably, this improves the absorption rate of the drug. Others prefer to take it after eating to avoid bad stomach issues. It is a matter of preference for most individuals.

  • Scheduling Work Or Studying After Taking Modafinil

Since it takes a few hours for the drug to show its first benefits, it should be taken in advance. If studying begins at 1 PM, it should be taken at 10-11 AM to allow it to be absorbed into the blood.

Modafinil is Not Working Properly – Causes And Fixes

There are many causes that make the tablets work differently from one case to another. There’s an issue of manufacturer and vendor to address at first.

Poor quality Modafinil is not that rare to find. Poor quality nootropics can be found at various untrusted vendors. Purchasing it online from trusted retailers is the best alternative.

  • Modafinil Metabolized Too Quickly

Some people state the drug metabolizes too quickly. They don’t have the lasting effect promised on the prescription. The responsibility for this fast metabolism is in the liver. It’s easy to test out on individuals who can drink more than their peers.

While there is medication to slow down the entire metabolism, it might not be such a good idea to use with Modafinil. Natural metabolism slow down alternatives are the best bet here. Among them, natural grape juice without sweeteners and flavoring is often recommended. Ideally, this juice would be made at home and consumed before or while taking Modafinil.

For those who don’t have access to natural grape juice, supplements can be the alternative. Bacopa supplements that inhibit the P450 enzyme production of the liver might be an option, even if these supplements are more expensive than grape juice.

increase duration

Modafinil Not Working On The Long-Term

Many people in Australia have reported that their Modafinil experience was less than desirable in the long term.

For some people this may have been because of the place that they purchased their Modafinil in Australia which is covered at this page about it here.

The drug may start to show limited benefits in the long-term. As research shows, long-term benefits can be seen with Modafinil. But this depends from case to case.

Tolerance to supplements and drugs is nothing new. It usually requires changing doses or simply going off the drug for a certain period.

  • Taking Modafinil Every 2-3 Days

Taking the tablets every day may eventually lead to the body getting used to it. This doesn’t necessarily need to happen, but its users have noted it can be the case at the time. The solution against the problem is to simply take a few days of breaks between taking the tablets. It allows the body to completely eliminate the Modafinil from the body before taking a new dose.

  • Cycling Modafinil

Cycling supplements and medication is also not new and exclusive to Modafinil. You can use it for a week or two and then take a break for a similar period. Students might only use it during the busiest periods of the academic year on this type of cycling approach.

  • Keeping Dosages Low

Low dosages have different effects. Among them, they allow you to take Modafilin while seeing results without relying on large dosages which only get larger in time. Some users have noted positive benefits with as little as 50-100mg of Modafinil per day. In this case, they need to stay on low dosages as their body doesn’t need high quantities to show the benefits Modafinil can offer.

How not to take Modafinil for the longest effects

There are a few other aspects that can limit or completely neutralize the effect of the drug. Among these factors, taking it with other supplements or with alcohol are the biggest considerations.

  • Taking Modafinil With Other Drugs

In some cases, doctors prescribe Modafinil with other drugs to fight issues such as depression. In this case, the substance enhances the benefits of other medications or supplements. But for many users, this also means the substance can reduce its benefits when taken with other medications.

Among the inhibitors of its absorption, many notes activated charcoal and green tea. But any other foods or drinks such as oats consumed in the morning can slow down and limit the absorption rate of Modafinil.

As a result, many student forums are packed with information on how taking the nootropic early in the morning is the best method of seeing maximum results. At least 30 minutes to an hour before eating, the drug can be taken on an empty stomach. This facilitates improved absorption where other food or supplements don’t limit its uptake.

  • Taking Modafinil With Alcohol

Alcohol severely limits the absorption of Modafinil. The Modafinil acid in the blood may be limited to a small percentage under normal intake. But together with alcohol, this percentage is even lower.

Furthermore, alcohol defeats the purpose of the substance. It reduces focus and it often comes with sleepiness feelings. Those who want to study or to work harder using the drug will have a hard time achieving their goals while also consuming any type of alcoholic drink.

  • Consider Limiting The Maximum Cycle of Modafinil

Regardless of its results, Modafinil should always be taken with precaution, like any other nootropic. This comes based on actual evidence. The Clinical Psychopharmacology and Neuroscience Journal showed how one many increases the daily dose a few times to see a few negative effects.
modafinil duration
This daily dose was increased from 400mg to 1,000mg. At this time, Modafinil’s dependence became a reality, together with heterosexuality feelings. It is rare to see any type of side effects of this type. However, those new to the drug should abide by smaller daily doses.

Even this study notes the potential abuse of the substance to be very low, especially compared to other similar drugs. However, its duration is a major concern for those who want to work or study for hours.

Ideally, its effect can be prolonged with natural resources such as grape juice. Even cycling is one of the proven methods to keep it under control and especially to maximize its duration. Coming back after 1-2 weeks off Modafinil might be the best option to enhance its benefits and prolong its results.

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