Modafinil Australia – Why Thousands Are Enhancing Their Alertness

By now, all of us in Australia have heard about modafinil- the latest “smart drug” to become popularized in the mainstream.

It is apparent that thousands of Aussies across the country are popping pills like Provigil and Modalert in order to increase their alertness and concentrate on work.

But does it actually work?

And what are the potential side effects?

In this article, we examine these questions and more.

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What Is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a wakefullness-promoting “eugeroic” which is what compounds that increase alertness are called.

It comes in pill form and is commonly prescribed to people who work the night-shift or have what is often called Shift Work Sleep Disorder(SWSD).

This disorder is defined as a sleep disorder where sufferers experience trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, insomnia, and also excessive sleepiness during their waking hours.
excessive daytime sleepiness
This condition affects people who have work schedules where their work hours are overlapping what would be considered the normal sleep hours.

Studies show that modafinil has antioxidative and neuroprotective effects(see this article).

Modafinil can also be found under the following names:

• Modalert
• Modvigil
• Provigil
• Modawake
• Modafresh
• Modaheal
• Modafil MD
• Vilafinil
• Alertec

The largest phamaceutical companies that currently produce this substance are known by the names of:

• Cephalon Inc
• Sun Pharmaceuticals
• HAB Pharmaceuticals
• Healing Pharmaceuticals
• Centurian Labs
• Sunrise Pharmaceuticals

There is obviously a huge variety of different manufacturers making this drug which is good for the consumer because they have to compete with each other to create the most effective product.

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Modafinil’s Benefits

Modafinil has been shown to have several benefits of which the most prominent one that people are usually concerned with is increased alertness.

Of course, there are hordes of people turning to modafinil these days for reasons beyond just “shift work sleep disorder”.

A lot of these people are using modafinil to get work done and be able to concentrate for long periods of time.

Studies have shown that modafinil is indeed effective at delivering these focus-enhancing and concentration-based benefits.

The current scientific research we have shows that Provigil is nearly as good as amphetamines at increasing the amount of time for which people are able to sustain focus and the amount of work they are able to get done in a day.

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Modafinil’s Side Effects

Modafinil is known for having relatively few side effects compared to other similar medications and the incidence of occurrence seems to make them somewhat uncommon.

However, these are the unwanted effects that some people do experience when taking Modalert:

• headaches
• trembling/shaking
• nervousness
• increased anxiety
• pain, particularly in the back
• shortness of breath
• loose stools
• insomnia and/or other sleep issues
• a stuffy nose

There may be ways to mitigate these side effects such as staying hydrating and living a generally health lifestyle(i.e. exercising, etc.).

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Australians Laws Regarding Modafinil

Modafinil is listed as a Schedule 4 controlled substance in Australia.

The official Australian laws regarding this substance can be seen here.

Schedule 4 is the same classification that drugs like Tramadol, Ephedrine, Benzodiazepines, and SSRIs are classified under.

Schedule 4 medications require a doctor’s prescription to purchase.

Why Thousands Are Using Modafinil In Australia

Many Australians are taking modafinil because it helps them to work longer hours and make more money, according to them.

This “smart drug” has become very popular following certain movies like “Limitless” which glorified taking pills in order to enhance your focus.

Of course, things like coffee have always been popular here in Australia.

But obviously, a real drug like Provigil is simply a lot stronger and therefore comes with more potential side effects.

Fortunately, most mainstream medical professionals agree that modafinil is not very addictive in the traditional sense.

This is heartening to know because many Aussies have traditionally used things like amphetamines which are not really that good for you and definitely addictive.

With the increasing stress of modern life in the land down under, especially in our bigger cities like Melbourne and Sydney, many Aussies have decided that they need a “boost” to help them accomplish all of their daily goals- and that’s where Modalert comes in.


Where To Buy Modafinil In Australia

The best place to buy modafinil in Australia is most likely online at various websites- but make sure you have a prescription given to you by a doctor so you are doing this 100% legally.

Of course, you can always stop by your neighborhood pharmacy with your prescription.

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