Green Roads World CBD Oil Review

Have you been thinking of trying quality CBD oil from a renowned brand that’s available in Australia?

Well, Green Roads is one of the best-established such brands and might just be what you are looking for.

The Green Roads Company was founded in 2011 in Florida (United States) by a bunch of very good friends. Although the company’s initial operations were very limited at first, it has grown tremendously over the last seven years to become one of the leading medicinal oil manufacturers in the world.

Its manufacturing process is a unique one that relies on the CO2 extraction process to get quality, full-spectrum cannabidiol oil from industrial hemp plants. The quality oil is then turned into various products by licensed pharmacists with over two decades of working experience. To reassure its consumer base of the safety and potency of its products, the company frequently sends samples to a named third-party laboratory for further testing.

The company’s customer service is also legendary.

It is its quality products and its exceptional customer care service that have grown it from a small town company to a big corporation with millions of customers. They ship to most countries around the world including Australia and provide tax estimates during checkout.

Going “above and beyond” is really the name of the game when it comes to Green Roads.

Their commitment to their customers really is what makes them a great brand for cannabis products.

Green Roads Hemp oil

Green Roads Hemp Oil

The Pros

  • Full-spectrum hemp oils
  • One of the leading hemp oil manufacturers with over 1 million customers, which means they are trustworthy
  • Great quality products made by an experienced pharmacist
  • Third-party testing to ensure quality and safety
  • They donate part of their proceeds to a veterans’ organization
  • One of the least likely cannabis oils to make you fail a marijuana drug test
  • A wide variety of consumable products
  • Fantastic customer service

The Cons

  • Some say their CBD coffee can be addictive, although this might perhaps be the doing of the coffee itself and not the cannabidiol in it.
  • Their products are relatively expensive compared to the other popular brands

Green Roads CBD Promotions

The Florida-based company runs several promotions throughout the year. Basically, every special day on the calendar will probably result in a discount on the week before and the week after the event. For instance, this year, they had a father’s day discount that gave customers free shipping when they used the code “FORDAD”.

The code “VIP” without the quotes will also get you a considerable discount.

Non-Promotional Discounts

There are no existing non-promotional discounts on the site.

Available CBD-infused Products


100 MG OIL

This is a sublingual oil made using high-grade pharmaceutical equipment. It is as close to a CBD “medicine” as it gets because it is also made by a licensed pharmacist with decades of experience. Each serving from this 15 ml bottle contains 1 mg of cannabidiol. This makes this bottle quite potent. People are buying it in droves for chronic pain and anxiety although it is just sold as a dietary supplement.

We’ve been running this site for quite some time now and we have never seen a company with such a high-grade tincture production system for CBD as Green Roads.

Other OILS

The company has a host of other pharmacist formulated cannabis oils. The main difference between the oils is the potency. There is a 250 mg bottle. A 350 mg bottle and several other higher potency oils. The highest potency CBD oil is the 1500 mg bottle. If you are a newbie, you should start with the lowest potency oils. This is because higher potency oils are likely to overwhelm you since your body is not yet used to such doses.


Green Roads capsules

CO2 extracted CBD capsules. The capsules are made by a pharmacist with over 20 years of experience in making high-quality mainstream drugs. Each capsule contains 25mL of the good stuff and comes as a softgel capsule. From inflammation to chronic pain, headaches and lack of appetite, these Green Road capsules can help you to effectively manage many different health conditions. Each package contains 4 capsules, making this a nice sample package, in case you want taste the cannabis medicine experience but you are not yet ready to spend on a whole bottle.


Green Roads Gummy Bears

Each bottle contains 30 tasty and relaxing gummies (assorted flavors). Perfect for daily consumption while on the go. Each gummy bear has 10 mg of the medicine. Other ingredients include broad-spectrum CBD, citric acid, gelatin, corn syrup, sugar and other ingredients.

Green Roads Froggies

Green Roads Froggies

Green Roads Froggies

Similar to the company’s gummy bears, these CBD froggies are tasty and perfect for taking care of headaches and bringing about a sense of calmness and relaxation. The froggies have a potency of 100 mg.


This CBD infused pain cream is made by a licensed pharmacist and is perfect for reducing inflammation, for cutting pain and for muscle and joint aches. It is available in two potencies -150 mg and 300 mg.


Green Roads also manufactures CBD-infused tea and coffee. The coffee is available as regular coffee and as decaf coffee. Taking the substance in coffee or tea makes it easy to get your dose of the drug without really having to taste the real taste of CBD.


The company also has other products including CBD oil for pets, terpenes and syrups.


Company Name:

Green Roads World


+1 (833) GO BUY CBD

+1 (833) 463 8922



5150 SW 4TH Way Davie, FL 33314 USA

Business Hours:

On Facebook, they usually respond within an hour, while online, you will have to wait a bit longer.

Some Reviews and Ratings

Green Roads Facebook page has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating. This makes it one of the best rated hem product companies in the United States. The page is full of compliments with people with real-looking profiles posting positive messages of healing and thanking the company for one or two of their products.

Other Websites and review sites give the company an average rating of about 4.1/ 5 which is a fair reflection of the potency and effectiveness of its products.

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