Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Review(CW Hemp Australia)

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Charlotte’s Web, also known as “CW” or “CW Hemp“, has really taken off in recent years by launching many products and there are probably more to come.

Currently, they have a variety of hemp oil offerings with most of them being liquid tinctures.

These tinctures tend to contain MCT oil and sometimes a small amount of coconut oil as a base, and they come in various flavors like “unflavored/natural” and “Mint Chocolate”.

This is a really cool brand because they actually have more than just 1 main hemp oil product.

In this short review we will be going over their most popular products and then giving a summary of what we think.

indivita hemp oil starter charlottes web cw hemp

1.) Indivita Hemp Oil Starter

CW advertises this as a “unique blend” of cannabinoids, which to us, means that it is not full-spectrum, but rather a certain blend that they deem unique and special.

The Indivita Hemp Oil Starter comes in a couple different sizes – 50ml of liquid with 1,000mg of hemp extract, and 50ml of liquid with 2,200mg of hemp extract.

It is advertised as being GMO free and organically grown although it does use alcohol extraction in its production.

Some people do not like alcohol-based tinctures because it requires you to absorb at least a small amount of ethanol into your body every day that you take it.

Nonetheless, we would guess that this is CW’s most popular product since it is advertised as their “Starter” tincture.

indivita hemp oil bronze cw hemp

2.) Indivita Hemp Oil Bronze

CW advertises this “Bronze” product as “full-spectrum”, which means it contains a certain amount of “all” of the main compounds in the hemp plant.

This product uses a MCT C8 Coconut Carrier Oil that their hemp extract is blended into(like most of their products) and it comes in many more size options than the “Starter” tincture.

Available sizes include the following 5 options:
• 5ml liquid – 500mg hemp extract
• 30ml liquid – 3,000mg hemp extract
• 100ml liquid – 10,000mg hemp extract
• 30ml liquid – 4,500mg hemp extract
• 100ml liquid – 15,000mg hemp extract

NOTE: a lot of people do not like how Charlotte’s Web lists their product specs because they list the milligram amount of total “hemp extract” without specifying the quantity numbers for each individual cannabinoid in the extract. To some people this is kind of deceptive when comparing to other brands that do list the specifics. We’re pretty sure they do this because of Australian Hemp Regulations- more on this later at end of the article.

charlottes web mint chocolate original hemp oil tincture

3.) Charlotte’s Web Original Hemp Oil(Mint Chocolate)

We love the fact that a company is using chocolate as a flavoring agent for their hemp oil.

The Charlotte’s Web (CW) Original Hemp Oil tincture that comes in Mint Chocolate has some really cool packaging and comes in a nice flavor.

According to their website it contains 86mg of hemp extract per 1ml of liquid in the bottle.

This is slightly different than the Bronze tincture that they sell, for example, which contains about 100mg of hemp extract per 1ml.

Just like the rest of their line, the Mint Chocolate liquid uses a whole-plant hemp extract that contains both phytocannabinoids & phytochemicals.

They advertise that it is “Sold within Australia for external use”.

3 stars

Overall Rating For CW Hemp: 3/5 Stars

Overall, we give Charlotte’s Web a 3/5 star rating for their hemp oil products.

It is important to note that CW Hemp does not advertise their products as containing actual “CBD oil” which is a pretty big deal to us.

The Charlotte’s Web brand is a large company and they have a large selection of various products in various flavors.

It also appears that their ingredients are “all-natural”(with the exception of the alcohol-based extraction techniques they use to produce their hemp extract).

But the fact that their products may not really contain any real amount of “cannabidiol” is hard to overlook.

This is the specific cannabinoid(CBD) that is at the hart of the current “green rush” or “CBD rush” which is causing such a huge buzz all across the world.

The isolation of this 1 specific compound is a huge development in the health world because of the specific effects it has on the body.

And CBD oil is what most people are searching for(including Australians).

Alternative CBD Oil Sources For Australians

Fortunately for us consumers, there are currently many various vendors that sell these types of products- including one that sells actual “real” CBD oil.

We have sampled products from many vendors including The Cannabis Company, Essential CBD Extract, and CW Hemp.

The most potent product we found was this full-spectrum CBD oil tincture which also had the “smoothest” effect of any that we sampled.

It’s not really a surprise to us that this product has been so effective because it is the only “real” CBD oil currently available in Australia(meaning it contains a certain percentage the actual “cannabidiol” compound).

Outside of these vendors, we have been doing a lot of research on the various new developments that are coming in the world of CBD and hemp oil.

There are talks of new types of products being developed all the time.

One exciting thing on the horizon is the production of “extended-released” versions of CBD- this would make taking your daily dose even simpler and easier than it currently is.

Using a sublingual tincture bottle is the method that most people currently use because the absorbability is so much higher than orally swallowing a pill or a tablet.

But the possibility of being able to have a constant, consistent-dose-effect at the same exact level all throughout the day is really encouraging.

Many companies are already working on this, but as of yet, no “extended-release” version of CBD has been released yet.

But we will certainly be the first to report on it once it is!

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