Perth – The Best CBD Oil Sources In Australia’s Most Isolated City

There is no doubt that Perth is one of the greatest cities in the whole of Australia. Millions visit the capital of Western Australia every year to enjoy its long and white sandy beaches, its awe-inspiring King’s Park, the iconic Perth mint and the heaven that is the Perth zoo! We could go on and on about the exciting things in this amazing city but this article is not about that kind of stuff. It is about guiding you to the best sources for CBD oil in the capital of Western Australia!

We have been studying and compiling all of the best information on cannabis in Australia and now we want to share it with our followers.

perth skyline

Perth skyline.

Just so you know, by CBD oil we mean hemp oil. We use the term CBD (meaning Cannabidiol) just because more people are likely to search for the oil that way rather than as hemp oil. Of course, we do know that CBD is not exactly legal in the country (but hemp oil 100% legal).

Now that we are all on the same page about the contents of this guide, let us first discuss some of the benefits and then we will get to the best sources. So, CBD oil is one of the most therapeutically active natural substances out there. However, the government has not approved it and does not want manufacturers to be labelled as a cure to anything. We are also not saying that you should use it as a medicine to anything. We only want to make you aware of the magnificent benefits of this oil, which include: Chronic pain relief courtesy of its interaction with the brain; significant anti-seizure properties; mood elevation in case one is feeling depressed; relaxation to those who are anxious; anti-cancer properties; reduction of the risk of Type II diabetes; and the treatment of insomnia.

Those most surprised about the healing benefits of cannabidiol are those who are suffering from chronic pain.

By the time they try CBD, most of them are usually at a stage where they have given up on finding a viable solution to their pain, hence the pleasant surprise of its effectiveness.

The use of CBD for this particular ailment has increased dramatically since cannabis oil began to become more popularized within the past few years.

It is always heartening to see people finding a solution to such an aggravating issue.

As with other supplements, vitamins and drugs, you have to stick to the recommended dose. Overdosing can lead to side effects such as drowsiness, diarrhoea, and muscle tremor.

Now that you know what you can get from quality cannabis oils and how you can avoid side effects, here are some of the potential places where you may get them in Perth.

Top places to get CBD oil in Perth, Australia

There are many high-quality canna formulations, from various sources, that are available to local Perthians. Here are just a few of them.

The Body Shop (Location: 223 Murray St, Perth Western Australia 6000, Australia)

The Body Shop is one of those stores you visit once and swear to come back. It is mainly concerned with selling great organic products for general body care. We have included them in our list because they also carry the good stuff. Check them out on the ever exciting Murray Street and you will see what we are talking about. Even if you don’t find any hemp products (which is unlikely), you will find other exciting products meant for general wellbeing.

Manna Wholefoods (Location: 274 South Tce, South Fremantle, Western Australia 6162)

This is a wholefoods café and wellness shop. It has got incredible treats and organic goods and supplements including hemp products. The café will make you want to linger while the range of organic products will make you wonder why you had not discovered this joint earlier. The best thing about manna is their prices. Though they carry unique products, their prices are very affordable, making it easy for customers to quickly get what they want.

Organic on Charles (Location: 299 Charles St, Shop 7, North Perth Western Australia 6006)

This is hands down the best place to buy hemp oil and other organic stuff in the whole of Western Australia. They carry some of the best hemp oils you will find anywhere. Their oil are perfect as a CBD source and for their nutritional value. They also have fresh fruits and veggies and sell most things at the store at relatively affordable prices. So if you really want the best organic products in town, this is where you should go to.

Health Kick (Location: 100 St Georges Terrace, Western Australia 6000)

Health Kick is said to be one of the best most amazing health food shops outside Fremantle. They have dozens of different types of vitamins, proteins, and superfoods including hemp seed and oil. They also have gluten-free products if you are into that kind of stuff. Though their prices are not the cheapest, they are said to have the best quality around this parts of the metropolitan area.

Best International Stores that provide fast shipping of CBD oil to Perth

Bluebird Botanicals

Bluebird Botanicals is a renowned American company that makes its products exclusively from the hemp plant. This means its products have only negligible amounts of THC which makes them legal in Australia. Moreover, they’ve got plenty of products for different kinds of needs including hemp extracts, concentrated extracts, capsules, CBD isolates, cannabidiol vape oil, pet products and hemp clothing and accessories. So basically, they are the go-to e-store for almost all kinds of cannabis products.


Elixinol is a Colorado-based company that makes potent, superior quality therapeutic oils. Their hemp is organically grown and professionally extracted to ensure that the most powerful compounds in the hemp plant are extracted. This guarantees their customers maximum benefits from their oils.

full spectrum cannabis extract

Full-spectrum cannabis extract.

What Makes Perth Such an Amazing City?

Perth is just a city on its own level. It is amazing in so many ways and a kind of oasis in the middle of the barren lands of Western Australia. Its greenery, modern infrastructure, ocean-front skyscrapers and public parks are incredible sites to behold. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy all that plus healing in the form of cannabis oil from some of the city’s health stores. If you don’t find it in the health stores, try the international stores with some of the fastest shipping to Australia.

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