Melbourne – Best CBD Sources In Australia’s De Facto Capital

Melbourne is one of our finest cities. It has got dozens of popular tourist attractions that will amaze both local and international tourists. From the magnificent Royal Botanical Gardens to the awe-inspiring National Gallery of Victoria, there is nothing not to love about this city. However, this article is not all about that, is it? If you are here then you definitely want to find out about the best places to find CBD oil products in Melbourne and we are definitely going to give you that info in a jiffy!

melbourne skyline

Melbourne skyline.

But before that, we thought we would mention a bit about the potential side effects of cannabidiol oil and the one simple thing you should do to avoid them. So the benefits of CBD oil are clear to all and sundry, right? The natural remedy can treat chronic pain, can reduce inflammation, can manage epileptic seizures, elevate your mood and do several other amazing things that regular pharmaceutical drugs cannot do.

Obviously, if you’ve read anything in the news, you know how much cannabis extracts are used to treat epilepsy- which is one of the biggest uses it has.

But many people with these other ailments such as inflammation problems and anxiety have also reported huge subjective increases in their sense of well-being(which is encouraging to many interested in CBD).

But did you know that even though it is natural, cannabidiol also has some potential side effects such as light-headedness, drowsiness, diarrhoea, and muscle tremors. Though uncommon, these side effects occur more frequently among individuals who take high doses of CBD. Hence it is important for you to recognize that you have to stick to the recommended doses. Too much of this miracle oil can have unpleasant effects.

Now that part is cleared, let’s get to the heart of the matter:

What are the best places to get cannabis oil in Melbourne, Victoria?

P.S.: The only version of cannabis oil allowed in Australia is hemp oil (allowed as hemp food). So if you are looking for cannabis oil anywhere in Australia, you are more likely to yield positive results and responses if you search or ask for hemp oil instead of CBD oil. Hemp oil is low THC oil.

pure hemp oil extract

Pure hemp oil extract in liquid form(tincture bottle).

Top places to get CBD oil in Melbourne

So we went out to find the best places that may carry hemp oils and foods in Melbourne.

Prahan Health Foods (Location: 201 Commercial Rd, South Yarra Victoria 3141, Australia)

This is one of those truly one-stop shops for health foods. Prahan Health Foods carry a fantastic range of healthy organic foods including hemp seed, oil and the likes. They also have quality protein powders and vitamins. But what you will love the most about them apart from their quality products is their extra friendly customer service. The guys working there will happily help you to find exactly what you want. And once you find it, you also get to enjoy some exciting bonuses.

Vitamin Me (Little Collins St, Melbourne Victoria 3000, Australia)

This is basically a vitamin and supplements shop. It is more of a men’s fitness health store than a general store. However, they have got some interesting supplements and vitamins at very cheap prices. They may also carry hemp oil and similar products.

The Source Bulk Foods (749 Burke Rd, Camberwell Victoria 3124, Australia)

The Source Bulk Foods should be your number one source of hemp foods. They have plenty of superfoods and oils including hemp oil, coconut oil, cold-pressed sesame, macadamia oil, and olive oil. They also have some fantastic fresh foods for your consumption. So if you go there you are likely to get some good hemp oil plus some healthy organic foods. Their prices are unmatched in the area. You will literally not find another place with better prices than this in the vicinity.

Best Places to Order Online For Fast Shipping to Melbourne

We maintain an updated list of the currently available CBD oil products that are derived from medicinal MJ on our home page.

Here below you can see a few others that Melburnians have mentioned as top-notch:

Diamond CBD

Do you want some of the best quality hemp oils with the fastest shipping to Melbourne? Look no further than Diamond CBD.

This US-based company has some of the most innovative and potent hemp products on the entire globe. Their branding is fantastic and it matches the quality they represent.

One of the hemp products is the full-spectrum of hemp seed oil. By full-spectrum we mean it has every useful CBD there is, which makes it the most powerful and most versatile cannabis oil. This oil is perfect for a variety of conditions including anxiety, chronic pain and depression. However, you should remember that these statements have not been verified by local authorities and that the oil is just but a supplement (it is not meant for medical use).

The Relax Hemp Infused E-stick is one of the innovative products form the company. The E-stick is THC-free and perfect for those who are into vaping. This one has a berry flavour that will make your vaping experience a little piece of paradise on earth! The stick has 140 puffs.

BlueBird Botanicals

This is perhaps the best company to buy your hemp oil from. This is mainly because of two reasons. The first reason is that the company deals exclusively in hemp products; so no CBD products or labelling that may get into trouble with local authorities. The second reason is that they ship within 1 business day with UPS. So you can pretty much expect to receive your bottle of hemp oil within a few short days.

They have got capsules, concentrated cannabinoids and isolated cannabinoids. Basically, if you are interested in the most powerful cannabidiol products, this is where you will get them. What’s more BlueBird botanicals also has a very thorough quality control process to ensure that each batch they send to their distributors only contains the best quality products.

What Makes Melbourne Such an Amazing City?

As you can see, there are many ways you can get a quality hemp product in Melbourne. If you can get one from the stores we mentioned earlier, get it internationally from manufacturers with the fastest shipping.

There are dozens of good things you can do in the city. And now you can also relax at home or in a hotel room in the city with your preferred cannabidiol vape or capsule. You only needed to know the right people (places) to get it from. Don’t let anything hold you back – take charge of your life by getting the best quality hemp product to alleviate whatever problems you have.

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